Permaculture-meetup 7 October 3-5pm on Södermannagatan 38!

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Hi everyone!

Tillväxt are using the tools from Permaculture to make the city greener (in many ways!) I felt I want to tell you about the news in this forum! —> My friends are arranging a Permaculture-meeting to start a new, local Permaculture association! want to join?!

Welcome to join the meeting on:
Sun 7 Oktober 3-5pm (kl 15-17) on Södermannagatan 38, in Dynamo (Demokratipiloterna). PS are forming & we organise ”Fika”, activities and Open café to build-up community!

You are welcome to join the Permaculture association, even if you don´t live here – you just need to be active in the Stockholm area. 🙂 Join us, please pay membership-fee to our Mother-association. To become a member:

Welcome!/ Margaretha Odberger
Q´s? –>

What is Permaculture? Did you know that you do not even need a farm? Check out a short movie here —>

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